An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

One struggle for my office right now (and probably many others across college campuses) is fighting germs and staying healthy. From pneumonia to the sniffles, most of the people in my office have been out sick at least one day in the past week or two. When I was in college, I was not sick often. I would occasionally get a cold but nothing that would keep me from going to class or work. This current semester I have been sick on two different occasions that have kept me from going to work for at least one full day. Now that may not seem like a lot but for a person who really dislikes missing work, it seems like a large amount. Is it hard to admit your sick? Not only do I get behind on my work but also I feel disconnected from the students and the office while I am away. I know some of my colleagues feel the same, which is why this issue is so important.

I think this can easily translate to our students. We all have come into contact with students who were out sick and missed a big exam or needed to leave for the remainder of the semester. We need to keep in mind that we to educate our students on staying healthy and ways to avoid getting sick. Students are sometimes bombarded with information about this topic from the Health Center or their parents, but Student Affairs professionals play a different role in our students’ lives. We have the ability to make learning about this topic fun and approach it from a different angle. Now I don’t think you can avoid getting sick altogether; it is bound to happen at some point but we can do little things everyday to keep ourselves fit and strong. So, I think in our day to day conversations with students we should be making sure we remind them to get adequate sleep, fit in some exercise, and drink water (just to name a few things). Not only will it help keep them healthy but in turn will keep us from getting sick. We need to do these things ourselves to set an example and to keep up with our demands from our awesome jobs.

Many of my fellow bloggers have been writing about running 5ks and staying fit. We also have a Student Affairs First Years challenge to walk/run a mile everyday. While doing these things we are keeping ourselves fit but we could also challenge our students to do the same. So here’s my challenge to you: get some sleep, fight germs, and stay healthy! 

Amber Phillips

Student Affairs - the First Years

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