Lessons Learned Before TPE - The Placement Exchange

So in case you are not aware (it’s ok I didn’t know until last year), there is this wonderful job fair for student affairs professionals to go to interview for various positions at different colleges and universities. This magical place is called The Placement Exchange (TPE)! I’ll be going this week to hopefully find a magnificent start to my career in S-student A-affairs! In preparation this past week, I have learned a few things I would like to quickly share with you!

  1. Get Ahead: It’s great to be ahead in readings for classes but make sure you take good notes, because you’ll have to remember what you read in class. I’ve been doing this all semester but I am planning even farther ahead (past spring break) because I’m sure I won’t have time to read too much at TPE.
  2. Job applications take A LOT of time! Personalizing each resume and cover letter is important and I thought I had prepared for this. However, no one told me how long filling out applications on  the HR sites would take so make sure you start filling out applications early and block out time to fill them out!
  3. It’s ok if you only have a few interviews scheduled prior to TPE! I met with one of our career counselors at Texas State University and he used to help with the TPE set up. He told me he didn’t have any pre-scheduled interviews and he had a total of 22 when he was done!
  4. It is fabulous to go shopping with another TPE candidate! This weekend when I was shopping and actually ran into Adriane (@adrianebee) whom I had met at our site visit to The University of Texas’ Student Affairs program. We got to help each other pick outfits and prepare for interviews and it made the experience a lot less stressful!
  5. Optimism impresses employers! Last week, I assisted my career services office in hosting our bi-annual Job Search Boot Camp that prepares students for applying for jobs. A personal task of mine was to find out some things that employers commonly look for in applicants. One of my favorite quotes I collected was “Optimism impresses me because it’s something I can’t teach” (Bruce). Many of the other employers from over 20 different companies agreed and saw optimism as a plus, but keep in mind that you should never go overboard!

I’m sure that I will learn a lot more during the interview process this week so make sure to follow up and read next week because I’ll touch on it then J Hope all is well with ya’ll!!

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