I went to TPE, what happens next?

As I was cleaning out my suitcase to pack to go home for spring break, I found a bunch of things from NASPA last year. It was a definitely an exciting time. I had just completed interviews at The Placement Exchange (TPE) and met new friends at the conference. Thinking back, after leaving TPE and NASPA, I think it is very important to remember 2 things:

Patience truly is a virtue
I found it necessary to be patient when waiting to hear regarding the next steps for interviews. Each school works at a different pace and you may have to be a little more patient than some of your friends or cohort members. For me, there was a feeling of success after returning from TPE. I feel accomplished and ready for what was next to come. I was very luck in that the school that I wanted to work for responded within 3 weeks regarding their next steps. For me, I waited two weeks for the dust to settle before I thought about applying for additional positions. In the end, my mentor was a great help when navigating these sometimes impatient times.

Thank those that helped prepare you
You were prepared for those interviews because of great mentors, supervisors, and colleagues that helped us prepare for them. Don’t forget to say thanks as they are likely to be the ones following up with reference requests, providing you with positions they believe may be a great fit for you, etc. In times of uncertainty and impatience, my mentor and colleagues provided me with very positive, challenging questions, that reassured me of the progress and success I was making and having.

Congratulations to those of you who survived a major portion of your search at TPE. The next steps in your job search may come quick or might take time. In the end, it is important to understand that you will end decide upon a place of employment that is the right fit for you.

Joe Volin

Student Affairs - the First Years

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