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In past entries, other writers have discussed the issue of work/life balance. I also wanted to give my take on this important issue in Student Affairs. Now, I don’t have the “typical” Student Affairs job. I work in financial aid, which is typically a “8 to 5 job”. There are a few times a semester where I work more hours and it can be a stressful job but I don’t work as many hours as my other colleagues across the country. Regardless of the amount of hours anyone works there needs to be a balance between one’s work and personal lives.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend an event where I learned how to facilitate diversity roundtable discussions. Diversity and working with diverse people have always been passions of mine. While in graduate school, I did research on transgender students. The LGBT and specifically the transgender community have been groups I want to raise awareness about and support wholeheartedly. While attending this event, I met other people who feel the same way and want to create a safe community for all people. The people I met were people who live and work in my community and want to create change.

I have a feeling being a part of this group and creating change in my community will help me create this work/life balance. In my daily work, I don’t get to work directly with students in this capacity. I help create change in other ways but do not really get to support diversity in the way I need to do so. For me, getting to facilitate discussions with members of the community about diversity and how to create change helps me feel as though I am using my full potential.

So my challenge to everyone reading is to find a way to create a work/life balance in your life and to find a way to support your passions. As Student Affairs professionals, we are passionate about our daily work and want to do everything we can to support students. However, we all have passions or interests outside of our realm of work. I absolutely love my work in financial aid but I need to work toward creating a diverse community in order to feel whole as a person. I think we all need this in our lives. So I hope you all find a way to incorporate your passions into your work or in your personal life. This helped me find peace and rejuvenation in my life. I hope it does the same for you! 

Amber Phillips 

Student Affairs - the First Years

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