After TPE – It Doesn’t End

With all the hype around The Placement Exchange (TPE) and for the student affairs graduate students reading this post, I share with you what the process might look like after TPE and my own story.

I was the positive one in our group as we prepared to attend and participate in TPE. My job was to keep those around me positive so that I could remain positive! I knew at the time that many of our graduate cohort members would leave the exchange with a job. I was excited about the chance to meet professionals and graduate students from all over. I remained positive. Afterward, in addition to thank you notes, I decided to add the interviewers I really liked on LinkedIn and even followed one interviewer on Twitter. Where I was not hired by any of the positions I interviewed for at The Placement Exchange, I did make a connection with some of the interviewers who kept me in mind for other positions that became available later. Thus, I owe my current job in student affairs to a connection made at TPE.

Where many of the members in our cohort did not originally believe in the TPE process, some of those same persons received on-campus interviews and position offerings. Believe in the process graduate students and be yourself. That’s all I did.

Tips for Following Up With Interviewers – Joshua Wilson style
  1. Know exactly who you interviewed with at TPE
  2. Write a Thank You Note (Email or Hand-written)
  3. Connect further if you can
  4. Don’t annoy the interviewer
  5. Stay positive 
  6. Don't stop searching
For many of you, TPE 2012 might be the first big stop in a long search process. Some of your graduate cohort members might be hired before you, and as other writers have stated in their posts this week, don’t settle for any position. Support your cohort and graduate student friends who get hired before you and don’t be afraid to connect with the professionals you meet through conferences and The Placement Exchange.

Best of luck #sagrads and #safirstyears.

Joshua Wilson

Student Affairs - the First Years

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