Student Affairs - I Get a Good Feeling

There are many days that I get good feelings from being part of student affairs. As a first year professional, I've found to align myself with the good feelings.

A short narrative on some of the good feelings that get me through the day:

Tap tap tap...the sounds of the marching band in the fall semester through my office window is a good feeling.

I get a good feeling when I make it home to the warmth of my bed after a long day of events and I certainly get a good feeling when I get to sleep in the next morning.

At those conferences when you run into long lost friends, that's a good feeling (shout out to Jill Sieben-Schneider).

I get a good feeling looking back at it all.

I get a good feeling when I look back and laugh on past memories.

I get a good feeling when students feel successful in planning and completing events.

I get a good feeling from my own success in executing events and programs too!

When supervisors say good job or way to go, I get a good feeling (Millennial).

I will probably get a good feeling once my parents fully understand what my job entails!

I got a good feeling when one of the groups I advise made me a cookie/brownie cake for my birthday.

I get a good feeling after developmental conversations that resonate well with students and become bonding moments.

At the end of the year the celebration of it all, I get a good feeling.

Thankful to have chosen a profession where I get so many good feelings.

Joshua Wilson

Student Affairs - the First Years

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