Pick Up the Pen and Get Back on the Horse

The collection of dust around my graduate school research projects is scary. The fact that they are in my bedroom closet behind the door is a scary thought considering the amount of energy I allotted week in and out in research. There was a time in my life where Bracken Library at Ball State University was my best friend. Currently, I only see a library when I choose to walk through it from the parking lot to the student center where my office is located.

The first month into my job I decided I wanted to write about social concerns and saw for the first-time how physically and mentally exhausted I had become from the amount of work I completed during graduate school. I was able to write one strong paragraph and not much more. It was easier for me to put down the pen and paper I was holding then to fight to write, if I didn’t have to do so.

Fast forward four months after starting at Notre Dame, for the first time I went on the library website just to get a taste of what services and research access was available. I was pleased with what I saw and spent time pulling up journals, books, and other articles. Unfortunately, I haven’t been back to that website since.

Maybe there are other graduate degree recipients who have also suffered “post graduate deficiency.” I’m sorry to inform you peers that there is no known cure for this deficiency but there are ways you can cope and get back to a healthy level of research. First, join me in dusting off those old files from graduate school. Second, try writing anything! Write about your day or an experience you’re going through. If you want you can even send it to this blog safirstyears.blogspot.com. Third, set goals. If you had dreams of being featured in a journal or adding to former projects, ask yourself how you can get there.

Unfortunately, I have seen other former graduate students suffer “post graduate deficiency.” Know that you are not the only one, there are others. Let this be a community to share your struggles. My name is Joshua Wilson, and I am also recovering from this deficiency.

Through todays post, I am vowing to dust off some old files, transfer old documents onto my flash drive and see just what I can do with them.

Joshua Wilson


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