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Honoring my oh-so-favorite February holiday (insert sarcasm here) and the corporate world’s obsession with all things involving chocolates, cards, and love, I have decided to tackle an issue I deal with on almost a daily basis- rejection. And no, we are not discussing my love life. Having a career in Admissions is not always a walk in the park for Student Affairs professionals.

Here’s how it works at my institution. If you meet one of our three guaranteed admission requirements- you’re accepted. Hooray for you! If you fall just a bit short, you go through a process called the Review Board. With that, you must answer a series of questions to help explain your situation and for the reviewer to get a better understanding if there were other circumstance that affected the GPA and test scores. Then your application goes before Admissions staff members who make up our Review Board and from that point we decide if each student is admissible.

Imagine the weight placed on my shoulders when I discovered that I, Kristen Chapman, would play a role in admissions of students and hearing about their situations like these. Going back to my prior post, I’m out on the road setting examples for these students. I want them to be as passionate about my institution as I am. Unfortunately, passion can only go so far. Of course in a perfect world, every student I talked to would be accepted. Sometimes it is just not the right fit. Kind of like all my previous relationships.

At times I think to myself, “Who am I to judge whether or not a person can complete their degree successful from college?” but then I remember, “Oh right, that IS my job.” I’m making a difference to these students in one way or another. No matter if they attend classes here at MTSU, if they transfer in from another school or if they decide that maybe college isn’t for them- I know that I’ve played a part in their lives. No one likes to deliver bad news. For me, these are the phone calls and appointments that I dread. Even more so than going to the dentist or on a blind date.

Then there are the students who just cannot thank you enough for changing their world. Those who scream and cry as you tell them that they’ve been accepted. The parents who are yelling in the background that their baby boy or girl is going to college. That is one feeling I will NEVER get enough of. It resembles a relationship with its highs and lows. My philosophy in life is that if something is meant to happen, it will. And you’ll be mine if you’re meant to be. 

Kristen Chapman

Student Affairs - the First Years

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